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WK Second Life users can retrieve their WK login credentials by clicking the Web Portal sign on our main Second Life SIM.

WK Wild Kajaera Sim

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New WK Users will need to visit our main Second Life SIM and click the EULA sign first, then click the "Activate Web Portal" sign.
Your Username and Password will be sent to you in SL Local chat as a private message only you can see.

Portal Access

WK Second Life users can retrieve their WK login credentials at the WKU Main Store in Second Life. Click the Activate Web Portal sign and your username and password will be sent to you via private message in SL.

Visit our SL SIM at...

WKU University and Store


Did you know?

NEW* Animals & Food stats button on the dashboards. Check out this new feature that combines the number of animals eating each type of food, the total number of portions and a projection of how many days it will last. Green is Good!

Users can select and change their landing site after logging into the portal. Go to Big Cats > Account tab and select a Default Langing site. Big Cats is the default but if you would rather login to Wild Dogs, Little Varmints or Wild Mustangs first you are free to choose.

Users can also select a color theme for each of WK's product lines. Login now and find out more on your Account tab.

Join our Second Life group for the latest News and Support... secondlife:///app/group/a754e686-96df-567a-660d-a37c01d7b862/about